Age-Defying Eye Cream

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Isagenix Age-Defying Eye Cream Is A Miracle For Your Eyes


Because it combines everything your eyes need all contained in one bottle there is no need to purchase many separate products. Isagenix Age-Defying Eye Cream was formulated to decrease wrinkles, help reduce puffiness fade the dark circles by increasing collagen.  Give your eyes the moisture, nourishment and care they deserve with Age-Defying Eye Cream.


 Sodium hyaluronate helps hold moisture to hydrate the skin.

  • Peptides work to diminish dark under-eye circles and reduce puffiness.
  • The super rich formula of antioxidants to protect cells against free radical damage.
  • The Age-defying peptides help relax and soften the look of fine lines.
  • The vitamins and botanical extracts promote skin’s renewal.
  • Includes IsaSome Infusion Complex™ – our advanced liposome delivery system, to enhance anti-aging benefits.


Retail price :   $ 60

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"My eyes are not showing the stress of age. I look and feel so much better with Age-Defying Eye Cream. It's nice having a system that all works together!"
- Patricia P., New Hampshire

How do I use the Age-Defying Eye Cream?
Dispense a full pump to the fingertip of the ring finger and apply with patting motions and gentle massage to the eyelid and the delicate area under the eye. Avoid getting the cream directly in the eyes.

Is the Age-Defying Eye Cream suitable for all skin types?
Yes! All skin types can benefit from the rich blend of ingredients found in the Age-Defying Eye Cream.

Does my skin type influence how often I should use the Age-Defying Eye Cream?
No, all skin types should use the age-Defying Eye Cream every morning and night after toning and applying the Antioxidant C Serum with CoQ10.

Do I really need a separate product for the eye area?
Yes! The fragile, thin skin around the eyes requires unique care that day creams and night creams cannot fulfill. The Age-Defying Eye Cream includes a unique synergy of ingredients that will fulfill all these needs—including puffiness and dark under-eye circles—without the inclusion of a scent that could irritate the eyes.

Can the Age-Defying Eye Cream be used for the fine lines around the lips?
Yes! The skin around the lips is also delicate and the Age-Defying Eye Cream is specifically formulated to maintain moisture, boost collagen and fight fine line etching and wrinkles with gentle ingredients especially-suited for fragile skin areas.