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Feed Your Body the Fiber It Needs Every Day! Add it to your Isalean Shake.


If you are one of the over 90% of Americans that don't get the recommended fiber in their daily diet then  Isagenix FiberPr is right for you. FiberPro is flavorless, colorless and easy to mix, making it easy to add  to your IsaLean Shake, IsaLean Soup water, or your favorite juice.

FiberPro contains our proprietary multi-fiber complex with five types of plant fiber as well as our proprietary Isagenix Active6 Complex™ of probiotics. Ionic Alfalfa™ boosts FiberPro’s nutritional content and cleansing capacity, which help support natural digestion and elimination.**


FiberPro delivers outstanding benefits:


  • Helps support regularity**
  • Includes probiotics to promote the balance of good bacteria
  • Improves the benefits of nutritional cleansing
  • Helps to reduce cravings and help weight management

 Use with Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex™ for a complete digestive solution

* National Fiber Council
** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Isagenix® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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"We take FiberPro™ along on vacations, and mix it into our IsaLean® Shakes to help our digestive systems process the change of diet."

- Deb K., New York

"I love the “pro” as much if not more than the Fiber! I used to buy probiotics at the health food store and spend a fortune. I can't believe how affordable and effective FiberPro™ is."

- Rick R., California

How do I use FiberPro?
As part of your Isagenix® system, take one to two servings daily. Each serving adds 5 grams of fiber to help you fill the gap in getting the recommended daily amount of fiber. For each serving, stir 1 scoop into your beverage of choice. It will dissolve in any liquid, including water, juice, yogurt, IsaLean® Shakes and Soups and even Cleanse for Life™! You can also get creative with it and add FiberPro to your cooking and baking!

Why do I need FiberPro?
More than 95 million North Americans suffer from recurring digestive problems that can be easily alleviated by including enough prebiotic fiber and probiotics in the diet. The advanced formulation of FiberPro and its fully soluble form make it an ideal way to incorporate supplementation of these key nutrients into your daily routine.

How does FiberPro enhance Nutritional Cleansing?
By gently enhancing regularity and increasing the removal of impurities, FiberPro is an ideal addition to Nutritional Cleansing and any total health and wellness lifestyle.

How much fiber should I be getting daily?
Studies indicate that adults should have a daily intake of 25 to 35 grams of fiber. The five grams of fiber in every serving of FiberPro help close the gap on this deficiency and complement the fiber you receive from IsaLean® Shakes and Soups.

Can FiberPro help me if I have Type 2 diabetes?
Research performed by the American Diabetes Association reveals that certain fibers may help in managing Type 2 diabetes by helping to slow the absorption of carbohydrates.
Please check with your doctor.

How can FiberPro help gastrointestinal and colon health?
FiberPro promotes bowel regularity and promotes cleansing of the colon.*

How can FiberPro help me with weight management?
Each serving adds 5 grams of fiber to help you fill the FiberPro promotes the feeling of being full that can help curb

Can I take FiberPro and IsaFlush!® at the same time?
Yes. FiberPro and IsaFlush!® work in partnership to help promote bowel movement regularity and colon health.*
IsaFlush!® provides magnesium to help relax the colon, peppermint to help calm the digestive system and bentonite and black walnut hulls to absorb and eliminate impurities.* FiberPro includes soluble fiber to promote regularity and insoluble fiber to absorb impurities which increases the cleansing action.

Can I take FiberPro and Multi-Enzyme Complex together?
Yes. These products work in conjunction to promote overall improved digestive health.*

Is FiberPro safe for children?
Yes. Children should take half a serving of FiberPro daily to encourage good digestive health.*

Is FiberPro gluten and lactose free?

What are bioflavonioids?
Bioflavonoids are natural substances known for their antioxidant potential.

How can I use FiberPro with other Isagenix® products to increase my fiber intake?
Adding one serving of FiberPro to an IsaLean Shake delivers 12 total grams of fiber. One serving added to an IsaLean® Soup delivers 9–10 total grams of fiber. Plus, one serving of our SlimCakes® will add an additional 9 grams of fiber!

Since I started using FiberPro, I’ve been experiencing bloating and gas. Is this normal?
When using FiberPro (or any fiber supplement) for the first time, it is natural for some people to experience gas or bloating. If you experience either of these symptoms, you may want to use less and work your way up to the recommended two servings per day. Starting with smaller amounts and gradually working up to a full serving over time allows your digestive system to become accustomed to the increased intake. As you increase fiber, you should also be sure to increase your water consumption. You might try adding IsaFlush® to your daily routine, which works in partnership with FiberPro to promote bowel movement regularity and colon health. You could even add the new Multi-Enzyme Complex – it also works in conjunction with FiberPro to promote overall improved digestive health. If following these tips does not alleviate your symptoms over time, please consult your physician for guidance.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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