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Because of enviromental polution your bodys defense is lacking the  needed antioxidants contained in IsaFruits.

Isafruits was designed without any fillers,waxes,binders,alcohols or artificial preservatives.

20 servings of fruits in just one convenient scoop or packet.
IsaFruits has been tested to be free of herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals making it the healthy choice.

Because IsaFruits is naturally spray-dried and cold-processed there is no loss  potency of their health-promoting phytonutrients. You will achieve new levels of energy and health with IsaFruits. 



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"Mix IsaFruits® with water to replace fruit drinks like Kool-Aid."
- Jeff C., Alaska

"IsaFruits® help me jump out of bed every morning feeling young. It tastes amazing mixed
with almost anything; IsaLean® Shakes or on its own. I love my Isagenix® products."
- Brenda T.,

"We love the IsaFruits® mixed with the energy drink and ice water. We take it to the ball games and it quenches our thirst as well as takes away junk cravings. Love it!"
- Lorna, Saskatchewan

What makes IsaFruits unique?
IsaFruits contains over 30 fruits in just one convenient scoop. That’s more than 20 pounds of fresh fruit into one IsaFruits container. They are cold processed to preserve enzymes.

Are there any additives or chemicals?
IsaFruits contains only natural, healthy nutrients for your body. Our proprietary formula is free of any fillers, binders, waxes, alcohols, and artificial preservatives.

How does IsaFruits support Nutritional Cleansing?
IsaFruits makes it easy for you to get your 2–4 servings of fruits every day. It tastes great and has only 1 gram of sugar and 15 calories per scoop. Benefits from drinking IsaFruits regularly can range from improved mental clarity and skin to supporting your immune system. You may also experience:

• Greater energy
• Fewer signs of premature aging
• Protection against illness*
• Greater overall health

Why is this a great product for children?
Recent research shows that most children rarely eat enough fruit. Isagenix first chose to include IsaFruits as a product for this very reason. There’s a great need for an easy, healthy way for children to get enough fruit-derived nutrients in their diets daily. Children who regularly consume a variety of fruit daily typically do better in school and have healthier lifestyles in the future.

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