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A Low-Calorie and Tasty Hot Meal Replacement With Improved Taste!



Here is the perfect great tasting alternative for a hot meal replacement.


The fat free low calorie delicious soups comes in two flavors and will help your digestion with the active enzymes.

The soups can be ordered in either the 14-meal canister or 15-meal packets.

You may experience:
Your pounds and inches melting away
A satisfied appetite
Improvement in your energy
Better digestion
And they taste great!



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"These soups are amazing and if you sample them, you'll sell them. They have completely changed the landscape for an Isagenix 30-Day System."
—5 Star Golden Circle Dave, Texas

“I never tried the previous tomato version, only chicken, but
the Savory Tomato is great, it tastes gourmet. Not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you. I enjoy IsaLean® Soups in the winter in place of my shakes when it’s cold. Now I’ll have to order both.”
—Consultant Emily, North Carolina

“The taste of the new Creamy Chicken Soup really was creamy and didn’t have a salty taste like other store-brand soups. Plus, it’s good for you. It’ll be a great snack after school for the kids and for when you just want something warm.”
—Consultant John, British Columbia

“The Savory Tomato is great, it tastes much better than the previous version and will make a perfect 3 p.m. snack when I get hungry.”
—Consultant Debbie, Vancouver

“The Savory Tomato is much improved. It tastest like natural tomato. We never ordered IsaLean® Soup before, but will now. We can market this to people.”
—2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executives Glenn & Denise, New York

“I love to cook and will definitely use the Savory Tomato in recipes and as a snack when the kids get home from school. The Classic Creamy Chicken tastes 100 percent better than the previous version.”
—Consultant Donna, California

“The Savory Tomato has a great new flavor and tastes like brand name soups. We never bought the IsaLean® Soups before, but will now.”
—Consultants Kathryn & Johan, Arizona

“I had heard that the tomato soup was not too good and never tasted it, but I love the Savory Tomato.”
—Consultant David, California

“I love the new Savory Tomato IsaLean® Soup. It tastes more peppery than the previous version and it’ll be perfect for cold-weather days.”
-5 Star Golden Circle Carol, Washington

“The Savory Tomato is really creamy and I’m looking forward to having it in the winter as my evening dinner instead of an IsaLean® Shake. It’s also great to take to work because you don’t need the blender like you do with the shake.”
-Star Consultant Tami, Washington

“I usually hate soup, but I really like this. Now when the kids say they’re going to have soup, I can have some, too. I don’t think I’d add one thing to this soup or change it. It’ll be perfect on a miserably cold day.”
-Star Consultant Mark, British Columbia

What is the recommended way to prepare and eat my IsaLean® Soup?
Add two scoops or one packet of IsaLean® Soup to 8 ounces of pre-heated water and stir with a whisk or fork. Do not mix hot in an IsaBlender™ or any other closed container due to vapor build-up.

Let steep for 2 minutes and then enjoy. For maximum nutritional benefits, IsaLean® Soups should be consumed within 10 minutes of mixing to take advantage of the included digestive enzymes.

Why do I need IsaLean® Soups?
IsaLean® Soups are meal replacements that provide you with the essential nutrients you need daily for optimum and balanced health. They are a low-fat, nutritious and satisfying alternative to a traditional hot meal. Not only are they delicious, convenient meal alternatives, but their complete nutrition provides the necessary replenishment you need for a Nutritional Cleansing lifestyle.

What nutrition do I receive from IsaLean® Soups?
You receive a balanced amount of high-quality whey protein, carbohydrates, filling fiber, good fats, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

How do IsaLean® Soups help me to become healthier, gain more energy and lose weight?
By maximizing nutrition while minimizing caloric intake, our IsaLean® Soups prime your body for improved health, increased energy, and safe, healthy weight loss.

Can I add extra dietary fiber to my IsaLean® Soup while I’m on my Isagenix® system?
Yes! For a boost to your fiber intake, try mixing our new Isagenix FiberPro™ into your IsaLean® Soup.

What else can I add to IsaLean® Soups?
For variety, try adding a small amount of organic vegetables or chicken to your IsaLean® Soup. You can also lightly season them with your favorite spices.

What kind of whey protein is used in IsaLean® Soups?
Isagenix® partners with a special supplier who uses a low-temperature, ultra-filtration process to provide an extremely clean, low-lactose, undenatured, organic whey protein concentrate from Australia or New Zealand. Undenatured whey protein preserves whey's natural amino acids and is considered the best source to help enhance your body's immune system.

Why is nonfat dry milk used in IsaLean® Soups?
We use a small percentage of extremely clean, low-heat, nonfat dry milk (processed at no more than 160° F for two minutes) with undenatured whey protein content. The ingredient is ideal for giving our soups a rich and creamy taste.

Can I still have IsaLean® Soups if I’m lactose intolerant?
Because IsaLean® Soups are very low in lactose (milk sugar), a lactose intolerant person should be able to use the product, however it depends on the degree of intolerance.

Lactose intolerance can also be minimized with the help of digestive enzymes, which are included in your IsaLean® Soup. If necessary for your degree of intolerance, try the new Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex™ for additional support. This new digestive enzyme supplement helps to break down many hard-to-digest foods, including dairy.

Does IsaLean® Soup contain MSG?
No. We do not include MSG in our IsaLean® Soup or any other Isagenix product.

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