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Jumpstart Your Metabolism While Building Lean Muscle Mass With All Natural IsaPro


Fuel your muscle growth and jumpstart your metabolism with our all-natural IsaPro®. Using a propriety process designed to keep our whey in its undenatured form, a single scoop of IsaPro contains 18 grams of the highest-quality whey protein from dairy cows that are pasture-fed on small New Zealand family farms, milked according to season, and not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Regardless of your health goals (if you’re an athlete or simply want to shed a few pounds) you can feel confident that you’re going to get the best results possible with IsaPro. With its superior amino acid profile to satisfy all of your body’s nutritional needs, you are receiving a no-compromise product. IsaPro also contains Ionic Alfalfa™ to provide extra support for body’s overall health.


You may experience:

  • Repaired body cells
  • Improved lean muscle mass
  • Increased energy
  • Consistent weight loss
  • Controlled hunger cravings


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"I have used IsaPro® to help me lose the extra fat and pack on 15lbs of solid muscle. It has fueled me through my first marathon and I use it daily it my pre and post-workout IsaLean® Shakes."
- Clint J. Minnesota

"Releasing 40 resistant pounds over 5 months has been amazing with the addition of IsaPro® to my daily IsaLean® Shakes. Each ten pound mark comes faster with the energy boosting power it gives me to enjoy the additional exercise which will to make this 67-year-old body a hundred pounds lighter by the end of the year! IsaPro® rocks!!!"
- Sue R. Ontario

"I love IsaPro® and here are a few reasons why...not only does it help me feel great longer on my IsaLean® Shake but seriously I can see that my muscles build SO much faster with it. It AMAZES ME!!!"
- She-She K., Arizona

"I love this product. It adds a little bit more to my morning shake and makes me feel a little bit more full to get started with my day. Now I know I'm getting the right amount of protein I need, especially in the morning."
- Kristina R., California

"During my journey as an Ironman Triathlete (I've finished six so far) I had to have some surgery to free up some non-working muscles. During my year rehab I religiously used IsaPro to help my sore muscles recover and build. During this time my body fat reduced about 2%, I lost 2 inches in my waste as I kept my overall weight about the same; evidence that I've gotten much stronger. My run time has improved by about 30 seconds a mile!"
- Michael L., Nevada

How do I use IsaPro?
You can add 1½ scoops of IsaPro to one scoop of your IsaLean Shake—any flavor—and 8 ounces of purified water. The total protein content would be 35 grams. For optimum taste, blend with ice (preferably with an IsaBlender™).

Who can benefit from using IsaPro?
We recommend IsaPro to almost anyone looking for a boost of protein, however, it is best used by athletes, weekend warriors and growing teenagers. If you’re having trouble overcoming a weight-loss plateau, then you can also use it to help boost metabolism and curb cravings, too.

Can people with type 2 diabetes use IsaPro?
Because IsaPro contains no added sugar, people with type 2 diabetes are able to use it to dilute their IsaLean® Shake or use as a separate item. As always, however, we recommend people with diabetes only use products or change their diet under the care of a physician.

How does IsaPro support Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing?
Protein is an important nutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis. It is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the “building blocks” for healthy bodies. Protein has a number of different roles in the body:

  • Repairs body cells
  • Builds and repairs muscles and bones
  • Provides a source of energy
  • Curbs cravings
  • Controls many of the important processes in the body related to metabolism
How can I incorporate IsaPro into my Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing system?
On Shake Days, add one scoop of IsaPro to your favorite IsaLean Shake to boost the nutritional content and help curb cravings. The added 18 grams of protein may help keep you satiated longer and overcome weight-loss plateaus should you experience any.

How does IsaPro support a healthy lifestyle?
Numerous studies have shown that whey protein helps enhance the body’s immune system by raising glutathione levels. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant with the ability to help the immune system and support cell integrity.

How does IsaPro support hunger reduction and help to lose weight?
Adding whey protein to your diet is a great way to start a weight-loss program. Studies have found that individuals who add leucine-rich protein food, like whey protein, to their diet, coupled with exercise, have more lean muscle tissue and lose more body fat. As they lose fat and build lean tissue, their metabolic rate increases and they
naturally burn more calories each day. Whey protein also helps manage weight by promoting a feeling of fullness. Isagenix® IsaPro® Isagenix Allergen & Lifestyle Preferences Table