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Improved Cleanse Partner Delicious Isagenix Greens!™

Isagenix Greens is the perfect companion to the Isagenix Cleanse Program. The combination of the right plants, vegetables and herbs are designed to improve your health as it works in combo with cleansing.
The feeling of more energy, improved focus, endurance and just feeling good and healthy is very common.
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"I love starting my morning with green food! I feel like I have gotten a jump start on my vegetables for the day. Especially since good quality veggies are not always easy to find in restaurants, or when traveling. I mix my Isagenix Greens! ™ with IsaFruits®, IsaCrunch®, FiberPro™, and ice in my IsaBlender™ for IsaDELICIOUS nutrition!"
- Ellen D., Idaho

"Personally, I love Isagenix Greens! ™ over Ice and have to keep my kids away or make their own. My granddaughter Loves the "Tea"."
- Kimberly L., Minnesota

If I eat vegetables, do I need Isagenix Greens!?
Although you eat a diet rich in vegetables, due to depleted soils, you may not be getting as much good nutrition as you think. By supplementing your diet with Greens!, you’ll know you’re helping your body get the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for peak performance and health.

Can I add Greens! to my IsaLean® Shake?
Yes. Since Greens! contains only 30 calories, it’s safe and suitable to add Greens! to your IsaLean Shake. Adding a scoop of Greens! to your Shake can further boost your mental and physical performance and can help expedite
the removal of impurities from your body.

What makes Isagenix Greens! unique?
In addition to containing premium sources of phytonutrients, Greens! contains Ionic Alfalfa™, our proprietary blend of minerals with alfalfa juice to help enhance your overall health. Sourced from prehistoric beds of organic plant matter located within the Earth, this revolutionary product was created to replace key minerals your body needs, no longer
available in common soil, due to over-farming. Ionic Alfalfa is rigorously tested to ensure undetectable limits of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, preservatives or additives.

How much Greens! should I take daily?
We recommend one scoop or one on-the-go packet with eight ounces of water or juice.

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