Isalean Pro Shake

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Our  new improved shakes are delicious and  a complete Meal Replacement!


Great Flavor. Improved Results

IsaLean Shakes are a nutritious, balanced low calorie meal replacement. The whey protein, energy-increasing  carbohydrates combined with good fats help promote reduced cravings, healthy rapid weight loss, and in addition burn fat while building strong, lean muscle mass on your body. This is not your average shake it is a full total meal!

• Contains 24 grams of premium undenatured protein, exclusively sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows which has the highest standarts.
• No artificial flavors or colors and is all natural
• Enzyme-active formula for maximum nutrient absorption
• Now contains 100% more fiber which supports better regularity and healthy blood sugar levels
• Now with increased amount of digestive enzymes, including lactase to help support those with lactose intolerance
• Contains essential trace minerals

You may experience:

  • Pounds and inches melting away from your body
  • Less hunger for longer periods
  • More  energy
  • Improved digestion


Retail price :   $ 65.95

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