Moisture-Rich Day Cream

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Around the clock skin nourishment 24/7


Finally! A day cream that really moisturizes 24/ even on the driest  days. Moisture-Rich Day Cream is intensively hydrating, protective day cream helps protect your skin’s resistance to environmental elements. . Moisture-Rich Day Cream even increases collagen as it tones and softens your skin. Moisture-Rich Day Cream keeps your skin firmer, smoother and younger looking 24/7..

  • Rich hydrators, including shea butter and squalane infuse your skin with essential moisture leaving it soft and supple.
  • Protects skin cells all day with a rich blend of antioxidants.
  • Promotes healthy functioning skin by enhancing the skin’s cellular oxygen supply.
  • Renews your skin with age-defying peptides that activate the skin’s innate anti-aging repair processes.
  • Includes IsaSome Infusion Complex™ – our advanced liposome delivery system, to enhance anti-aging benefits.


Retail price :   $ 60

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How do I use the Moisture-Rich Day Cream?
Apply to a dry face, neck and upper chest using upward, circular motions. Avoid eyes.

Is the Moisture-Rich Day Cream suitable for all skin types?
Yes! All skin types require a balanced level of hydration throughout the day. The Moisture-Rich Day Cream provides an increase of skin hydration, softness and suppleness.

Does my skin type influence how often I should use the Moisture-Rich Day Cream?
Yes, it can. Users with dry or dehydrated skin may choose to replace the Moisture-Rich Day Cream with the Intensive Renewal Night Cream in the morning when the skin requires a greater richness of hydration, such as a dry winter.

What hydrating ingredients are included in the Moisture-Rich Day Cream?
The Moisture-Rich Day Cream provides a richer, deeper level of hydration for all-day nourishment with the addition of shea butter, Vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, and squalane.