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Want More Energy?® is a delicious refreshing drink powder loaded with all the electrolytes and nutrients that replenish essentials that are lost during stress and vigorous exercise. The B vitamins and ionic trace minerals safely give your body  natural, caffeine-free energy to support superior mental and physical performance.


  • Natural energy boost from premium B vitamins and minerals
  • Improved physical and mental endurance*
  • Increased focus and clarity*
  • Replace nutrients lost during vigorous exercise or stress

Super-Convenient Want More Energy?® Sticks No matter where you go, you'll have energy to spare with convenient Want More Energy?® Sticks!

One handy stick is perfect for a 16-ounce water bottle. Simply pour, replace the cap and shake! You have a delicious energy drink with no caffeine or added sugar!


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I feel like it hydrates me four times better than water alone. Especially before, during, and after I go out running. It’s especially great on Cleanse Days in the afternoon. It helps to keep me alert and energized.
- Ron P., California

As an athlete I put some in my water bottle all day long. My workouts are more energized and I feel hydrated all day.
- Deborah J., Washington

This is my coffee of the day. It’s easy to wake in the morning and afternoon as a pick-me-up. I love it especially when mixed with IsaFruits® or Isagenix Greens!™.
- Nicole C., New York

I work out and Want More Energy?® helps me a lot with endurance during my workouts. I can really notice the difference in my spin class. I love it in my water bottle. I also put in my IsaLean® Shake.
- Kim O., Utah

In our Canadian winters and on Cleanse Days, I use this as a tea and of course in the summer as lemonade. It restores my energy, especially during the summer when I am working in the garden.
- Elizabeth H., Ontario

I love my Want More Energy?®! I have a bottle every day about mid-afternoon and it really helps me to focus, have mental clarity, and of course have more energy!
- Gay H., Texas

Being a mom of four kids, I needed energy at 4:00 in the afternoon. I used to always use coffee to get through that time of day. Now, I drink a huge water bottle of Want More Energy? ®and my kids join me, too. I now have natural energy and I am helping my kids improve their energy!
- Christine H., California

I am a cyclist training for an endurance ride. I used to compete in cycling and triathlons. I love Want More Energy?® and I use it in my current training in my water bottle along with an ounce of Ionix® Supreme. I wish I had it when I used to compete because my energy on my long runs now stays constant without the highs and lows. Want More Energy?® is the perfect energy, electrolyte drink for athletes. I will not go without it! My daughters also used to drink sugary drinks and now they only drink Want More Energy?® They even serve it to their teenaged friends.
- Susan S., British Columbia

My kids love this drink. I have three children, one orange lover, one grape, and once citrus lover. My four-year-old asks daily for “A Lot More Energy.”
- Nancy B., Arizona

What makes Want More Energy? unique?
Want More Energy? is an all-natural, revitalizing drink mix with essential electrolytes and nutrients that replenish those lost during stress and exercise. Want More Energy? does not contain stimulants like caffeine, ma-huang or ephedrine. Instead, Want More Energy? utilizes B vitamins and Ionic Alfalfa to safely recharge your body with natural energy to support peak mental and physical performance.*

How does Want More Energy? support a total health and wellness lifestyle?
By providing energy and replenishment during and after exercise, Want More Energy? supports the physical exercise component of a total health and wellness lifestyle. You can also add a small amount of Want More Energy? to your water during Cleanse Days to add extra taste and a boost of energy. Benefits may include:

• Natural energy boost
• Improved physical and mental endurance
• Replaced nutrients lost during exercise or stress
• Refreshing thirst quencher

When should I drink Want More Energy??
Any time you need refreshment or a natural energy boost! However, it can be particularly beneficial during or after exercise. Try adding the contents of Want More Energy? directly to your water bottle during your workout.

How should I drink Want More Energy??
When preparing Want More Energy? from the 45-serving canister, mix 1½ tsp. with 8 ounces of cold purified water. If you choose, you can also add ice. When using the convenient Want More Energy? Sticks, pour the contents of one two-serving stick into 16 ounces of purified water. For greater convenience, you can add it directly to a 16-ounce bottle of water.

How much Want More Energy? can I drink per day?
As a general guideline, we recommend you drink no more than six, single servings (or three Want More Energy? Sticks) a day.

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